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I've had a hospital birth / I'm planning a hospital birth. Could I still plan a home birth?

More than likely, yes. Simply because you have delivered a baby/babies at a hospital does not mean that your only option is the hospital for future births. You may have a pre-existing condition or a condition present during this pregnancy where Salt and Cedar Midwifery may not be the most appropriate care provider for you. This can be discussed in-depth at the consultation visit.

How do I know if I am considered "low-risk" for home birth?

This speaks to the previous question. Most people are low-risk. Your midwife is continuously assessing yours and your baby's risk, from the consultation visit to six weeks postpartum. The midwife utilizes her knowledge and the consultation of physicians when indicated. As the person most invested in your care, YOU and your midwife will be in constant dialogue about your health status, emotionally and physically, and that of your baby.

Do I need to see a doctor during my pregnancy?

Not necessarily. Many people join midwifery care upon discovering they are pregnant and then go their entire pregnancy without visiting a physician.  An in-person physician visit

Why type of equipment or supplies do you bring to the birth?

More than likely, yes. 

What about the pain of childbirth? What do I do for relief?

Many of us have been taught from a young age that the pain of childbirth is something to be avoided or masked. At Salt and Cedar Midwifery, we reframe the idea and language of pain starting at your prenatal visits. During prenatal care, we will discuss your expectations, desires and fears for your birth, and respond with a unique plan. There are a variety of ways to either prepare or surrender to the unknown of your labor.

For example, the use of hydrotherapy (submersion in water) has been shown to affect the perception of pain in labor. Birth doulas are a wonderful asset to alleviate pain. Remember that you will have low-tech, hands-on, compassionate care during the birth of your baby, which can impact your experience of pain during birth.

What if being at my home for prenatal visits is uncomfortable for everyone?

This is sometimes a fear for people in labor, too. "What if my house isn't clean? Do I have to deep clean every week before visits (answer: no)?! What if my apartment/house/yurt is too small?" These are all concerns we will address early in care together. There are certain activities during prenatal visits where a bit of space is necessary, like having a place to lay down comfortably to measure your belly and hear baby's heart rate (a couch or mattress works).

This concern speaks to common fears: being vulnerable and trusting. By hiring a midwife, you are inviting someone intimately into your life. It may take time to build, but trust is essential to the relationship. Trust that your midwife will not judge you for having a week of dishes stacked up. Trust that your midwife will communicate with you and simply ask if a particularly cuddly dog can spend some time outside so that necessary tasks can get done. Know that we are comfortable in your home, too.

Keep in mind that we will be seeking a clinic space for prenatal visits, ideally located in Silverdale or Poulsbo. If we are conducting regular home visits with you when a clinic space is obtained, a conversation will take place about the ongoing location of your care. 

I do a lot of my own research online. How do you feel about this?

Studies have shown that some people find health care providers to be judgmental of the fact that they have searched for information on the web. Some people do not disclose what they have "found" with their care provider. What you find online is not to be brushed aside - this can become part of your self knowledge and should be respected and addressed. Researching topics online may be one way you find camaraderie, validate that something is "normal," or feel empowered in your health care. You will not be judged for looking up symptoms on the Internet.

What we hope is that we will establish a bond of trust...

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