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Past workshops

Self-care for pregnancy and postpartum

WE enjoy our workshops, and take a look at why others do too:

"I am a very introverted person and I usually have a hard time connecting deeply to others upon first meeting them. I was amazed at how quickly and honestly Morgan was able to create a safe space where I felt comfortable sharing. Knowing that other pregnant people were going through their own struggles helped me feel better that my experience hasn't been all sunshine and roses. I felt like this workshop was invaluable and Morgan is such a gifted facilitator. She's genuine, funny, and down-to-earth; definitely the kind of midwife you'd like to be friends with after your professional relationship is over!" - L

I think the activities that encouraged a lot of group participation were awesome. All the sharing is really powerful and motivating. Even if no one is talking, having a space where you are pondering a certain feeling or topic is very beneficial. - M

I liked that it was interactive, but not in a forced or uncomfortable way. I felt like you found the perfect balance of facilitation and breaking the ice initially so that participants felt really comfortable sharing some pretty personal things. It felt like we were honoring ourselves in a sacred space, which I think every single woman there, including myself, needed. - J

I left the workshop with a greater understanding of how much my self-talk and focus (or lack thereof) on mindfulness impacts my emotional health. The workshop also left me with a greater store of grace for myself. Unlike other workshops I have been to, this one left me feeling genuinely supported and inspired. I was empowered with the ability to individualize self-care for my own life and needs, rather than simply leaving with a pile of facts, handouts, and a checklist to follow. - L

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ABc's of self-care

Organized by "Adaptability", "Boundaries", and "Compassion", this 14 page workbook includes reflective short answer Q's, multiple choice Q's, and other exercises. Sound like a test? NAH, it's fun. Gain clearer insight into how to integrate these 3 tenets into your life, here and now. Understand that HOW you live your daily life is a true expression of self-care.

postpartum prep

Beneficial for the postpartum person, but particularly helpful prenatally.

A mix of educational materials and fill in the blank, reflective exercises to emotionally and logistically support you in the postpartum period. Includes info on what to possibly expect physically and mentally, relationships with other children, tips for partners, sexuality, attachment and bonding... a whole fun-filled package aimed at preparing you for the unknown, and coming to peace with its mystery. 

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