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Billing and payment 

We work with clients who have private insurance, Medicaid, and Health Savings Accounts, and self-pay clients paying with cash, check, or credit card. 

We are in-network providers with:



Coordinated Care/Ambettter

Kaiser Permanente PPO (First Choice Health)



Lifewise Health Plan of WA


If you have questions about insurance coverage,  please contact Ingrid Skjelstad at Island Billing.

If we are not in-network with your insurance company, your out-of-network benefits can be assessed. Also note that during pregnancy, you may qualify for Medicaid as an individual. 

Insurance lingo

In-network: Describes a care provider or health care facility that is part of a health plan's network of providers which has a negotiated discount. Insured individuals usually pay less out of pocket when using an in-network provider.

Out-of-network:  This phrase usually refers to physicians, hospitals or other health care providers who are considered nonparticipants in an insurance plan.  Depending on an individual’s health insurance plan, expenses incurred by services provided by out-of-plan health professionals may not be covered, or covered only in part by an individual’s insurance company.

Deductible:  The amount an individual must pay for health care expenses before insurance (or a self-insured company) covers the costs. Often, insurance plans are based on yearly deductible amounts.

Coinsurance:  Refers to money that an individual is required to pay for services, after a deductible has been paid. Coinsurance is often specified by a percentage.

One example: An individual may have an 80/20 split, where the insurance company pays 80% and the individual pays 20%. So, after the deductible has been paid, the individual is responsible for 20% toward the charges for services.

Copayment (co-pay): A predetermined (flat) fee that an individual pays for health care services, in addition to what the insurance covers.

Out-of-pocket costs: Your out-of-pocket costs can include a combination of your health plan’s deductible, co-pays, and coinsurance.

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