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Experience prenatal and postpartum care tailored to you and your growing family, and birth in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Complete a contact form or give us a call, we'll schedule a consultation visit, and then move forward with scheduling an initial visit.

No-cost preconception visit

You're considering pregnancy? Let's meet for a 30-minute visit. Perhaps you're curious about diet and lifestyle factors, optimizing chances of conceiving, education about menstrual cycles and conception, methods of conceiving, or other topics. This visit gives you the opportunity to talk to someone in-person about your particular questions and desires.  Resources and referrals will be offered as needed.

No-cost consultation

You're pregnant? Let's meet for a 30-minute consultation to discuss the ins and outs of midwifery care, learn about each other, and address questions that you have. This visit provides a great opportunity to have questions clarified about home birth and Licensed Midwives. We can then see if you are an appropriate home birth client for Salt and Cedar Midwifery, and move forward with scheduling an initial prenatal visit. 

Prenatal care

Visits with your midwife every 4-5 weeks until the third trimester, every 2 weeks until 36 weeks, then weekly until the birth of your baby. Additional visits may take place as necessary.

What to expect of your prenatal care:

  • An initial prenatal visit of 1.5 hours, with all other prenatal visits 1-hour in duration

  • Individualized educational information and counseling related to emotional and physical health

  • Shared-decision making

  • Children and family involvement in appointments as you desire, if applicable

  • Knowledge of herbal and alternative therapies

  • 24/7 on-call services

  • Physical exams including breast and pelvic exams as necessary

  • Referrals to appropriate physicians and community resources as necessary

  • Online access to your client chart

  • Lending library at the Silverdale and Port Townsend offices

  • Birth pool lending

Labs and ultrasounds

Most lab work is offered and performed by the midwife. This includes routine initial labs, genetic screening options, gestational diabetes screening, and the Group Beta Strep (GBS) screen. Ultrasounds are performed by technicians at your preferred location, including Harrison Imaging Centers, InHealth Imaging and Jefferson Healthcare. Referrals can be made for routine or higher level ultrasounds, including dating ultrasounds early in pregnancy and anatomy scans around 20 weeks.

Labor and birth

Everyone's labor is unique. You and your midwife will be in touch in early labor, and make a plan for her to come to your home.

  • Licensed Midwife, student midwife, and birth assistant attendance at your birth

  • VBAC attendance

  • Routine monitoring of you and baby during active labor

  • Water birth options with a birth team who is experienced and comfortable with water birth

  • Involvement of partner, children, and other members of your birth team as you desire, if applicable

  • Routine monitoring of you and baby in the immediate postpartum

  • Suturing of first or second degree tears, if applicable

  • Support with initiation of baby feeding

  • In the event of a transfer to the hospital, your midwife will remain with you as support through the birth of your baby

Chux pad

To collect amniotic fluid


Handpicked, supportive


Working hard!

Feeling ready to meet her baby


Rubbing mama's back & preparing to listen to baby's heart tones


A great tool to facilitate and support different positions during labor


We set up everything upon arrival


Keep the liquids coming!

Postpartum care

Routine in-home visits for the client occurring at 1-day and another visit within the fist week postpartum.

Routine office visits at 3-weeks and 6-weeks postpartum.

  • Monitoring of emotional and physical recovery and wellbeing

  • Lactation support, if applicable

  • Physical exam including breast exam and pap smear if indicated

  • Attention to emotional health and connection to appropriate resources

  • 24/7 on-call services

Newborn care

Two routine in-home visits for your newborn at 1-day and another visit within the first week postpartum. Midwifery care occurs up to two weeks postpartum.  We recommend that your newborn is seen by a provider of your choice such as a naturopath, pediatrician or family physician at this time.

  • Thorough and gentle "head to toe" newborn exam conducted by midwife before leaving your home 

  • Vitamin K and antibiotic eye prophylaxis offered after birth and administered before leaving your home

  • First newborn metabolic screen and critical congenital heart defect screening (CCHD) performed with pulse oximeter offered

  • Hearing screen offered

  • Baby weight checks and referrals to appropriate health care professionals as necessary

  • Midwife will file the birth certificate

  • 24/7 on-call services for first two weeks of life

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