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“Morgan is AMAZING! She delivered our 4th baby at home and brought such a supportive and grounding presence to the whole experience. She is not only skilled and knowledgeable about what she does, but she also genuinely cares about her clients and the experience they have. We felt in our three previous births (with OB’s) that we were just another patient, another birth, another day for them. Morgan always made us feel like our family was special and unique – we felt nurtured. Also, Morgan really made an effort to incorporate our whole family, including our 3 children, into our birth which meant a lot to us. Lastly, although we were hesitant about a home birth at first, during labor we felt nothing but safe and secure in Morgan’s care. We would truly recommend Morgan for anyone looking for an excellent & compassionate midwife.”

- Amy, Port Ludlow

Kind words from

past clients

“Morgan was the first health professional I connected with in my pregnancy journey. After struggling with fertility for so long, I was eager to share my joy and find a birth team. I knew immediately that I was in warm, friendly hands from the moment she answered the phone. She shared genuine enthusiasm and presence from day 1. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my 11 hours of birth, even the parts that were unplanned or uncomfortable. She respects the need for sacred space by being unobtrusive and gentle in her guidance. I was so confident and content with Morgan by my side. Even better, I now consider her a dear friend.”

- Alicia, Chimacum

"Seriously Morgan is more than I could have ever hoped for in my prenatal and postnatal care. She is so intelligent, but never made me feel less than. I felt comfortable asking her anything. 10/10 will recommend her to every pregnant lady I know."

- Chessa, Bremerton

"Morgan was absolutely amazing - in every way possible. She was friendly and caring, treating us like family, and always there to answer a question or lend a hand. She went out of her way to make us all feel comfortable and cared for."

- Jillian

“Morgan was one of the midwives I saw during my second pregnancy. She has such a bright spirit, and loving personality. She was amazing during my prenatal visits, and I knew I wanted her to be there for my birth (there were 4 midwives, and it depended on who was on call). My labor went much faster than my first did, and I was scared. I remember one moment, between pushes, when I was sure I wasn't going to be able to do it - Morgan looked me in the eye and said ‘you can do this’, and I could tell she believed in me, and it wasn't just something she was saying. I will never forget the feeling of empowerment that she gave me with these 4 simple words. I had amazing prenatal and post natal care, and my labor and delivery was wonderful. Morgan is without a doubt my first choice of midwives in future pregnancies. She is beyond wonderful, and I am so thankful to have met her and been cared for by her, and I will recommend her to any and every pregnant woman looking for a provider who is not only knowledgeable, but also looks past what your file says, and treats you with respect and love.”

- Miranda, Bremerton

"We were grateful how Morgan and her team responded when my daughter needed a little extra help immediately after her birth. They were calm, collective yet swift and thorough in helping her get oxygen and be able to breath on her own. In what could have felt like a stressful situation, I instead felt completely confident she was in good hands."

- Mellissa, Port Orchard

"Our pregnancy and birth would not have been as magical without Morgan. I was able to have the birth I envisioned because I felt so safe and supported. Morgan has a calming demeanor and the most lovely spirit. We love her!"

- Ellen, Port Orchard

"Morgan was present at the births of both of my children and has become part of the family. One of my favorite things about midwifery care is the involvement of the whole family, and the focus on the whole person. I felt cared for not only physically with my pregnancy, but also socially, emotionally, and spiritually as well. Morgan provides a safe, judgement free, space to talk about anything and I always left our appointments feeling heard and supported."

Alisha, Bremerton

"Morgan took my desires and fears seriously."

"This lady right here... I can't even say enough good things about Morgan. I feel that if I would have picked any other midwife, that I would not have gotten the awesome experience I did. Morgan took my desires and fears seriously, and even with gestational diabetes, worked with me to keep it under control so that I didn't risk out of homebirth. She was amazingly patient, flexible, and there when I needed her. 

I just can't say enough good things. She bonded with my 3 year old, and let her 'help' at the visits. My kid adored Ms Morgan. I gave her a run for her money with my birth, with her getting here very shortly before the new babe! But she snuck in, I barely noticed her arrival, and everything went wonderfully. Afterwards, I had a complication with my placenta, and Morgan was able to basically keep everyone calm, while explaining what she needed to do, and what may or may not happen. 

Morgan is simply the best, and if I can talk the hubby into another kid, it will be with Ms Morgan." - Cassie, Bremerton

"Having a home birth with Morgan was one of,

if not the best experience of my life."

"VBAC home birth! I highly recommend Morgan. In fact, I have been singing her praises all over town. Not even the Lowes cashier was spared. Having this baby at home was such an awesome experience. It was so calm. Painful, but calm. Morgan reminded me to trust my body (3rd child but I still forgot), and as soon as I did everything clicked. Asking someone to be your midwife is a big deal. They forever become a part of your family as they hand you the life of your child. Having a home birth with Morgan was one of, if not the best experience of my life.


If you are considering midwifery services, please consider working with Morgan. She is very professional and thorough. I could not have made it through my VBAC experience without her knowledge and support."

- Nichole, Bremerton

"She really respected my decision-making and cultural practices and honestly, the reason we chose her was that intuitively, I felt like I could be the least inhibited in her presence."

"Morgan Hughes is literally a blessing to midwifery. It literally makes me tear up writing this and thinking about how wonderful she has been to us. I cannot imagine having had a different birth experience. Even in postpartum beyond the final sixth midwifery appointment, she has shown up and is considered a close friend to me at this point. Her calm demeanor was so stabilizing in a time of uncertainty and intensity, whether during an emotional moment in her office or in the big moment of birth. From the moment we first interacted when she was a waitress and I had actually been referred to her, it was like she was meant to be my midwife. Our first consultation was a beautiful experience of drinking tea and discussing how her meditation practices help her in her birth work and we felt immediately that she was the one for us. She really respected my decision-making and cultural practices and honestly, the reason we chose her was that intuitively, I felt like I could be the least inhibited in her presence. I was totally right. From walking with me in my most humble of moments (seriously) to calmly offering suggestions that could ease the labor, Morgan was a stoic, amazing godsend of a midwife. Her presence was almost contradictory in nature, as if she was barely there and holding space in the background and yet I don't know if I would have been able to carry out the home birth without her. I felt so able to be myself in the most primal of ways, unabashed and totally immersed in the moment, and yet also felt held and deeply supported. I HIGHLY recommend this woman to anyone for anything. Morgan is so inspirational in her work ethic and her deep capability for compassion. I am so happy you are doing this work and happy for all the women who get to work with you and feel held as I did. Thank you, Morgan, for ensuring the safe and healthy delivery of my first daughter into this world. WE LOVE YOU !"

- Montana, Kingston