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"The care we received was phenomenal! Morgan provided the true definition of informed consent every step of the way and was completely respectful of all of the choices I made without any shame or fear-mongering, which was a complete 180 from my other births in a hospital setting. During the birth of our daughter, Morgan and Meredith worked seamlessly to be fully present yet almost invisible. They allowed space but calm reassurance throughout the whole thing and I cannot thank them enough for helping facilitate this magical birth!"

Catherine, Bremerton

Kind words from

past clients

"I am over the moon grateful for Meredith and Morgan! I really can't say enough about how positive my experience was with these amazing women. Meredith was my primary midwife - she was so welcoming, supportive, professional, and compassionate. I felt completely safe and empowered in her hands. She honored my values, beliefs, and needs in our prenatal sessions and during my wonderful birth experience. With her help, I felt prepared, confident, and empowered for my child's birth. Meredith is truly a beautiful human being inside and out. And a ridiculously amazing midwife! I highly recommend Meredith and Morgan for their midwifery services, they are truly special human beings and midwives!"

 Jaime, Port Townsend

"I felt respected in every aspect. During my other births I was never really asked for consent on things and even when pushing I was asked before being touched. I felt that the midwives respected my wishes and helped me achieve my goals during my pregnancy and delivery. I had my dream birth and wish I would’ve met this team 3 babies ago."

Brittany, Port Orchard

"I had an amazing experience with my midwives and home birth. I felt empowered, valued, and supported in every area. There was a great balance of care for myself, and for my growing baby. Labor was the toughest part of the journey, and that is when I felt the most supported and encouraged! My midwives knew exactly when to step in for assistance in a very calm/gentle way!"


Kiya, Sequim

"We were grateful how Morgan and her team responded when my daughter needed a little extra help immediately after her birth. They were calm, collective yet swift and thorough in helping her get oxygen and be able to breathe on her own. In what could have felt like a stressful situation, I instead felt completely confident she was in good hands."

Mellissa, Port Orchard

"Morgan was present at the births of both of my children and has become part of the family. One of my favorite things about midwifery care is the involvement of the whole family, and the focus on the whole person. I felt cared for not only physically with my pregnancy, but also socially, emotionally, and spiritually as well. Morgan provides a safe, judgement free, space to talk about anything and I always left our appointments feeling heard and supported."

 Alisha, Bremerton

"We couldn't be more impressed with the compassion, competence and power of Meredith and Morgan! Our dream of having our son naturally in a home birth was realized thanks to their capable hands. As a first time mother at age 42 there were a lot of people who said that would not be possible.

When our son decided to make his entrance there was another active birth in progress. Morgan was unable to attend despite being the person we’d meet with the most during our pregnancy. Meredith arrived and was quick to support me through a rocket birth. She thoughtfully and calmly supported my body’s intuition leaving me to feel the amazing power of my own abilities while still guiding and offering much needing support. After the birth I started to hemorrhage and she was grounded and provided excellent medical treatment and care as was discussed with great detail during all my pre-birth appointments.

Morgan’s postpartum care of our son was equally amazing as she connected me with all the support I needed including a lactation consultant and chiropractor. And more personally, her willingness to hold space for my processing the birth was truly an act of compassion.

I felt safe and well cared for throughout the entirety of my pregnancy by the team at Salt and Cedar. Most importantly, I was able to have the experience I wanted in the environment I felt the most safe. I knew I could do a natural home birth and I’m forever grateful for Meredith and Morgan’s support in that process." - Tonia, Bainbridge Island

"My birthing experience was incredibly empowering for me. I was surrounded by supportive women and held by my husband ~ exactly how I wanted it. I felt like the entire labor experience was truly on my terms. Morgan, Meredith, my doula and my husband all dropped into presence with me and all followed the signals and needs of my body, baby and inner guidance system. During the progression of labor I felt medically and emotionally taken care of. Morgan and Meredith work as such a great team during labor and birth, and I felt completely secure, safe, and supported.

Once it came to the final pushing I experienced shoulder dystocia, my baby was born at nearly 10 lbs (the little ham, lol) and one of his shoulders was stuck inside, delaying the body from emerging after the head already had. Morgan acted swiftly and intelligently, and reached inside to gently shift his shoulder, allowing his body to then emerge with the next push. What could have been a complication, was truly was a non-issue in her capable hands. I wasn’t even aware of this experience being anything outside of normal until later.

I couldn’t recommend Morgan and everyone involved with Salt and Cedar Midwifery highly enough. And I can’t wait to journey with her again once it’s time for our family to welcome another angel. The entire experience was really more wonderful than I ever dreamed pregnancy and birthing could be. And I feel like it’s been an easy and joyful transition into motherhood as a result."

Catherine, Bainbridge Island

"Having a home birth with Morgan was one of,

if not the best experience of my life."

"VBAC home birth! I highly recommend Morgan. In fact, I have been singing her praises all over town. Not even the Lowes cashier was spared. Having this baby at home was such an awesome experience. It was so calm. Painful, but calm. Morgan reminded me to trust my body (3rd child but I still forgot), and as soon as I did everything clicked. Asking someone to be your midwife is a big deal. They forever become a part of your family as they hand you the life of your child. Having a home birth with Morgan was one of, if not the best experience of my life.


If you are considering midwifery services, please consider working with Morgan. She is very professional and thorough. I could not have made it through my VBAC experience without her knowledge and support."  - Nichole, Bremerton

"She really respected my decision-making and cultural practices and honestly, the reason we chose her was that intuitively, I felt like I could be the least inhibited in her presence."

"Morgan Hughes is literally a blessing to midwifery. It literally makes me tear up writing this and thinking about how wonderful she has been to us. I cannot imagine having had a different birth experience. Even in postpartum beyond the final sixth midwifery appointment, she has shown up and is considered a close friend to me at this point. Her calm demeanor was so stabilizing in a time of uncertainty and intensity, whether during an emotional moment in her office or in the big moment of birth. From the moment we first interacted when she was a waitress and I had actually been referred to her, it was like she was meant to be my midwife. Our first consultation was a beautiful experience of drinking tea and discussing how her meditation practices help her in her birth work and we felt immediately that she was the one for us. She really respected my decision-making and cultural practices and honestly, the reason we chose her was that intuitively, I felt like I could be the least inhibited in her presence. I was totally right. From walking with me in my most humble of moments (seriously) to calmly offering suggestions that could ease the labor, Morgan was a stoic, amazing godsend of a midwife. Her presence was almost contradictory in nature, as if she was barely there and holding space in the background and yet I don't know if I would have been able to carry out the home birth without her. I felt so able to be myself in the most primal of ways, unabashed and totally immersed in the moment, and yet also felt held and deeply supported. I HIGHLY recommend this woman to anyone for anything. Morgan is so inspirational in her work ethic and her deep capability for compassion. I am so happy you are doing this work and happy for all the women who get to work with you and feel held as I did. Thank you, Morgan, for ensuring the safe and healthy delivery of my first daughter into this world. WE LOVE YOU !"

 Montana, Kingston

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